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rotacane plastic cane

Rotacane is an artificial basketry cane, made in one long, continuous strand. It's flexible and easy to use. They don't make this stuff any more, but it keeps well, and we still have some old stock. Please contact us first before ordering, so that we can check if we have exactly what you want.

It's very useful for occupational therapy groups, and anywhere that long soaking of natural cane might be an issue.

Rotacane comes in 2 thicknesses - weaving and staking. There are several shades (cream, straw, beige, etc) available, but we can't guarantee what's in stock, so please ring us or email if the shade is important.
Rotacane Softweave   is lovely and flexible to use, and as we have quite a lot in stock, if you don't specify a particular type, that's what we'll send.

We sometimes have Rotacane Lapping Cane.   It's not as flat as natural lapping cane, but does the same sort of job.

NEW! Ready-cut staking!

Rotacane cut to length in bundles of stakes. 
We haven't had any of this for ages, but currently have a number of rolls in stock!
Bundles are 100g and contain about 88 stakes 15"/380 mm long.

Rotacane also comes in 7 bright colours as you can see in the photos below. 
These are great for bringing a bit of vibrancy to a basket and make it fun for both children and adult learners.

Yellow Rotacane  (6 in stock)

Blue Rotacane (4 in stock)

White Rotacane (0 in stock)

Brown Rotacane (0 in stock)

Green Rotacane (9 in stock)

Orange Rotacane (2 in stock)

Red Rotacane (0 in stock)

Rotacane, all types and colours, £11.50 per coil.

You can choose how many you want on the next page.
If you want more than one colour, return to this page for each colour.

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