Thursday, 26 June 2014

Our customers' work (3)

Mr JB picked up this nice old umbrella stand on eBay for 99p What a bargain!
He says:
"It was an impulse buy on Ebay and cost the princely sum of 99 pence. The wooden frame looked good, but the cane work was very damaged. I just fancied it as a Winter project, but kept putting it on hold as I couldn’t quite get my head around how to use pre-woven 6 way cane, even though I had previously done 6 way cane work starting from scratch. I found some useful videos on YouTube and followed their advice, with cane supplied by yourselves. I used a water based wood dye to stain the finished cane as near to the colour it was when I originally acquired the stand. It was a lot easier than I’d imagined and I’m delighted with the end result.
As an aside, this exercise also caused me to learn how to sharpen chisels.
Just need a nice Victorian / Edwardian house to go with it now!"

Mr JB used our 18 inch wide open weave rattan webbing for this project. You can buy it by clicking here