Monday 12 May 2014

Our customers' work (2)

A nice piece of weaving by our customer Mr I.C.,
using special polycord.
Mr I.C. made this stool 60 years ago when he was a lad of just 11 years old.  Back in those days you could get seagrass in a variety of colours, and he made a nice woven seat with red and cream seagrass, which has lasted very well over the years, but which was recently on its last legs.

He bought some of SitUpon Seats' Special Polycord  in similar colours, and he's done a very fine job of weaving the seat to look almost the same as the original.

He says, "My eldest grandson has volunteered to do the stool again in 60 years. He’ll be 78 then!!"

Special Polycord comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses, and  you can buy your own here: Special polycord.