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Here at SitUpon Seats we've been repairing all sorts of woven seats since the 1990s. We love to share our skills and help others to enjoy this craft, so welcome to our shop, where you can buy everything you need to weave that seat.

Our popular, detailed, instruction books are all written, illustrated, printed and bound by Ally McGurk, who has over 20 years' experience repairing seats. (And quite a few years' experience making books!) They cover cane seating, rush seating, stool weaving with seagrass, cotton cord etc, reseating Danish cord chairs, and the use of ready-woven cane as used in 'Cesca chairs. These books are not available from those famous online bookstores, or even in your little local bookshop, so get them here!
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and its history 
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If you have any queries please ring us on 01900 813200 or email ally at . We love chatting to our customers and offering whatever advice we can. If you're not sure what you need, just ask!

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