Tuesday 19 November 2013

Kraft paper rush

When I first came across Kraft paper rush, I was a bit suspicious, as I felt it couldn't possibly be a substitute for "the real thing."

Well, certainly it's not made from the leaves or stems of a plant, so it's not truly "rush", but it makes a very good attempt at looking like the genuine article. And it's so easy to use!

An antique chair certainly deserves real, hand-twisted English rush, harvested the same year from the Thames or other southern English rivers. But it's expensive, difficult to get hold of, and even more difficult to learn the correct technique, which involves soaking the rushes overnight, selecting the right rushes as you go, and twisting and pulling them as you work.

Blonde paper rush - new shade
If yours is a straightforward, workaday chair, that needs to withstand children, and real life, you're as well to go for paper rush. It looks great; it's hardwearing, and can be coated with clear varnish to protect it from spills; and it's easy to use.

SitUpon Seats stock a variety of colours, which you can see on our main website here: paper rush.

From time to time we get new colours. We've recently taken delivery of a lovely pale shade, which I'm calling BLONDE. It will work really well in cool, modern interiors.

If you haven't used rush before, our instruction books show you everything you need to know, with loads of photos and diagrams to help you along the way. You can find these on our website here: Instruction manuals - look for the one called The SitUpon Rush Pattern Book.