Wednesday, 18 March 2020

COVID-19 and how to avoid boredom

It's a very strange time for us all, trying to avoid contact with other humans while attempting to find something to occupy us.

As a seatweaver I'm very lucky to have work I can do with my hands, to keep me busy, but you can do this too! It's not difficult, and a very useful way to spend that isolation time.

[above] A nice old carver chair worked with a rush seat.

So tomorrow I'm going to start weaving a rush seat on a small stool, and as I go along, I'll describe the process and take photos.

The rush pattern can be worked in several different types of cord, most of which you can purchase from our website, along with our very detailed, illustrated, instruction book.

The stool itself will also be for sale at the end of the procedure, and after that, we'll try something different - rattan canework, perhaps.