SitUpon Seats Shop - About Us Back in 1997, here on the West Cumbrian coast, a small business called Marshall McGurk was opened by two recently qualified musical instrument repairers,  Steve Marshall and Ally McGurk. We specialised  -  and still do - in woodwind and brass.

The birth of SitUpon Seats

At the same time, up in the fells at Uldale, Steve's mum, Janice, was running CountrySeats, a small business specialising in cane and rush seating. She invited Ally to come and learn the trade, and do some work for her.  Ally was soon completely hooked on this new skill, and when the time came for Janice to retire, Ally took it over, moved it down to the coast, and renamed it SitUpon Seats.

The website takes off

Ever since then we've done both - musical instrument repairs, and woven seating.  As the internet took off, we started selling seating materials through our website, as well as doing repairs in house.

Laid-back and friendly

 We're not a huge corporation full of faceless drones. We're a laid-back, friendly, family business who have time to take an interest in our customers' projects, chat  on the phone, and write copious emails full of detailed instructions when someone asks for advice.

We're passionate about music, and about chairs. And  you're very welcome at our newly refurbished website.

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