Every year, Ally produces at least one unique Christmas card design for her friends. In the following years, she offers some of them for sale, and this year, for the first time, we're listing a few designs here.

We'll also be selling these through Etsy, but there are extra perks here, so grab some while you can!

If you order 10 or more of any design we can personalise them with your own message, inside or out. Just email with your instructions.

Look out for our Santa, who tends to pop up all over the place!


All cards £1.60 each or 5 for £7.50

Santa flies through the pines on a moonlit night.
But whose footprints are those, there in the snow?

Carollers, with dogs
... and look! Santa is watching from across the street!

Santa, with kittens
This drawing was based on a real photo. 
Santa came to visit, and brought us some kittens.
Did you know Santa was a cat-lover?

Santa arrives over Maryport Harbour
Here he comes, reindeer and all, heading for the lighthouse!

CHRISTMAS CARDS for morris dancers!

Yes, I play and sometimes dance for our local women's morris side (Belfagan) so I thought it was time there were Christmas cards specially suited to our specific interest.

Did you know Santa is a very versatile morris man? 
And his daughter, Santina, is equally keen.

You can order a mixed set or all the same design. Just let me know!

Above: Santa Border

Above: Santa hankies

Above:  Santa Cotswold sticks

Above:  Santa Longsword
Not just for longsword dancers! 
Santa hold the Christmas star aloft!

Above: Santa girls North West long skirts

Above:   Santa girls North West short  skirts

Above:   Santa girls Rapper
Not just for rapper dancers!
Santa (the female version) holds the Christmas star aloft!

I'm planning to add some musicians too, so we'll have Santa with his melodeon, concertina, accordion, fiddle, and maybe others depending on how much time I have to draw them! If you want a particular instrument, let me know!

We're offering these cards mainly in pick 'n' mix sets of 5. 
The PayPal button below lets you select a set, but to choose which ones  you want, please fire off a quick email to  ally@situponseats.co.uk  with your choice of images, or if you order 10 or more, what message you'd like on the front or inside.

You can order just one of course, but it's better value to get at least 5.

Christmas cards

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