Tuesday 19 May 2015

Picture Tray Bases

These were the logical next step after basket bases.

For ages, people have been asking me if we can get those solid old melamine tray bases, drilled with holes ready for making cane borders. We used to have a supplier, but they were becoming so expensive that they actually cost more for me to buy wholesale than our customers could charge for them, beautifully finished with nice basketwork edges ... even if we decided not to make any profit at all, they would still have been uneconomical. So - sadly - we had to stop stocking them.

But you kept asking me - "Do you stock tray bases?"

I sadly kept replying, "Sorry – no."

But I don't like disappointing my customers, so I've kept thinking about how I might manage to make some, and since FabLab opened in Cockermouth, new opportunities have arisen.

I finally found the right sort of material to drill holes in, and so - at last! - we can offer picture tray bases again.

These are not melamine - they are a hardboard composite with a cork back and a wipe-clean surface. They are a little smaller than the old ones, too. But they're still big enough to carry a couple of cups of tea and a plate of biscuits. There's a good selection of pictures, and we keep finding new ones. We can more or less make them to order. And they are affordable!

So head on over to our website, and have a look. Here's a direct link to the page: