Wednesday, 8 April 2020

We're still here for you!

The coronavirus pandemic is a  horrible thing for us all to live through, but if we've got to stay at home, we might as well be doing something useful with our time.

Here at SitUpon Seats, we're lucky to run our business from home, so we're here for you right through it all - same phone number, same email address as before. We're not going anywhere, but we'd love to spend a bit of our time chatting to customers and helping you to decide which seatweaving project to undertake.


Any sad old chairs lurking in your attic, or garage?

We have several in our own attic, and I'll probably get round to reseating some of them at long last. Usually too busy with our customers' chairs!

Sad old cane chair, awaiting some TLC.
Here's a nice old cane chair, ready to strip down and reseat. 
Have  you got one like this, waiting for a bit of TLC?  
One of our caning kits would do the job nicely! 
Just click the link!

Or maybe there's a rush chair needing renovation?

Sad rush chair.
Here's a couple in our attic, which would look much better at the kitchen table. 

Another sad rush chair.
Have you got one like this?
A hank of ready-twisted rush would do the job, or maybe some seagrass or Danish cord. We have the instruction books, and  we're here to give you the best advice.

Ready twisted rush


Danish cord

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